Bugbear Shade living in Emkut.

He worked as a guardian to a family of nobles in Qaadsa Palace. After the a raid and the mysterious death of the Lady Rhana, Wutai left in search of aid for a newly freed Thri-Kreen slave. He was accompanied by Khezdun, Fin’tlk, Namheanu, Lev’hld, and Sab’rin.

After arriving in Neveh, Wutai and company took the ailing Lev’hld to Caer Al-Kahai, the seat of power for Namheanu’s family, the Vaenkamzi. After an sneak attack by mysterious Drow, Wutai and Khezdun end up in dark cell in an unknown location. They escape and free a Shadar-Kai reaver named Sutharn. Sutharn attacks Wutai but gets recaptured by Drow who now recognize Wutai as an ally. They tell him about Thaza’kull and the Shadar-Kai Empire. Wutai learns that the plague currently infecting the residents of Neveh is a weapon of Thaza’kull.

Wutai reunited with his allies and they went back to Caer Al-Kahai to speak to Bellisathrix, the patron dragon of the Vaenkamzi. They sought out Dazuma, the son of the Emir of Houristan.


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